Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hunger Angry ...Terror Act ... Eater Guilty

Have you ever been worried about your food habits. Go back to your childhood and remember that moment when your mother prepared some food item , which you don't like but ,may be , someone in your family(most probably your brother or sister) likes it. Anger strikes you as your mother , however , prepares it despite she knows your likes and dislikes. you become more angry when it is observed that your brother or sister , sitting beside you, is eating comfortably( may be beacause jealousy etc..) . It is what I call "Hunger Angry". Suddenly ,Your shouting and throwing of plates , which is similiar to "Terror Act", breaks the silent atmosphere. Anger overshadows the consicousness -"the 'Terror Act' you are doing at that place where you eat daily". After a pause, your mother , either with a gentle smile or with a deep silence gives you some money to take food outside. Next time , at dining table , you remember what you did last time and don't like to show your face to your family members . due to guilt. this is what I call "Eater guilty".
But story doesn't end here itself. As you grow , you stay with your friends in hostel and find same situation in your hostel mess . This time you shout at your dear friends .(who may also happen to be mess incharge ). and again Hunger Angry...Terror Act...Eater Guilty.
Some times or other , I think why there are food items which I don't like?.